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More than 25,000 practices have switched to MedPro because we offer a safe and affordable solution for their medical waste disposal and compliance requirements.

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We're looking for your help in introducing us to people who are overpaying for their medical waste disposal.

 (Hint: 80% plus of facilities that have this service are likely overpaying!)

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Hand sanitizer is made up of ethyl or isopropyl alcohol, ingredients that degrade over time and cause a loss of efficacy. Small amounts of home-use hand sanitizer can be disposed of easily, but large quantities or bulk purchases must be destroyed under the hazardous waste disposal process. Let MedPro Disposal make it easy for you to dispose of your expired sanitizer!

It's time to dispose of expired hand sanitizer

Consider your office or warehouse's safety

Hand sanitizer is a Class 3 Flammable Liquid. Under OSHA regulations that designation comes with additional rules. Large quantities of hand sanitizer cannot be stored in offices or buildings, and there is a limit of 25 gallons of stored hand sanitizer. Anything more needs to be kept in a flammable liquid storage container or cabinet. 

Enjoy the most cost-effective disposal service in the US today

Disposing of expired hand sanitizer legally and effectively is the only way to stay compliant with regulations and avoid fines. We’re a partner in your success and committed to providing the best possible level of service. We respond to industry regulations and guidelines promoting transparency, accountability, and staff safety through a standardized operating process.

With recent health concerns, many companies stocked up on bulk purchases of hand sanitizer to keep employees safe. As the hand sanitizer expires, new safety issues arise.

MedPro Disposal knows exactly how to handle your expired hand sanitizer, and with nationwide service available, we can help. 

Don't be stuck with hazardous waste in your office or warehouse! Call us now at (877) 314-0093 or fill out this form and we can help you today.

Don't overpay to get rid of expired Hand Sanitizer! 

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Did you know:

Bulk amounts of 
Hand Sanitizer are considered Hazardous.

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Since its inception in 2009, MedPro has grown to service over 40,000 customers across a variety of industries, all of whom no longer have to worry about overpaying or making compromises when it comes to safe and environmentally-friendly removal and destruction of hazardous waste. We're a trusted partner for you and your customers. When you need hazardous waste removed, you can count on MedPro Disposal for: 

Peace of Mind

We take full title to your waste and carry the most comprehensive insurance, offering 100% protection.

Save Money

We save the average customer up to 30% off their current medical waste disposal and compliance services rate.


You’ll enjoy 99% on-time medical waste management service and have access to a dedicated customer advocate.


Work with the most trusted provider in the industry, with the most customer testimonials and reviews online.