We're looking for your help in introducing us to people who are overpaying for their medical waste disposal (hint: 80% plus of people with current service are overpaying!)

Word-of-mouth referrals helped us grow to become the national leader in cost-effective medical waste disposal, and now we want to reward you for helping us grow!

The rules are simple: anyone that you refer to MedPro that receives a quote  earns you a $25 Amazon gift card!

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More than 30,000 healthcare providers have switched to MedPro Disposal for a safer and more affordable medical waste disposal and compliance training solution.

Our flexible options combined with our core value of a “Customer First Mentality” lead to the perfect solution for your business. We strive to provide convenient options and make your entire experience with us as memorable as possible. Making the switch to MedPro couldn’t be easier, and you’ll love the support system we’ve put in place to provide exceptional customer service, and provide you the tools to completely manage all your account features in one convenient online portal.

Let's find the right solution for your waste and compliance problems.

Save an Average of 30% on Medical Waste Disposal and Compliance Training Services

More than 25,000 practices have switched to MedPro because we offer a safe and affordable solution for their medical waste disposal and compliance requirements.

The reality is that many of these customers, perhaps yourself included, simply didn't know an alternative solution existed in the marketplace.

Word-of-month referrals help us grow, keep our prices low, and ensure that your industry peers are also getting the best service at the best rate available. 

We're looking for your help in introducing us to people who are overpaying for their medical waste disposal.

 (Hint: 80% plus of facilities that have this service are likely overpaying!)

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We save the average customer up to 30% off their current medical waste disposal and compliance services rate.

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We take full title to your waste and carry the most comprehensive insurance, offering 100% protection.


You’ll enjoy 99% on-time medical waste management service and have access to a dedicated customer advocate.


Work with the most trusted provider in the industry, with the most customer testimonials and reviews online.

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