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Full Service Compliance for Funeral Homes

We are a reputable waste disposal company and are proud to offer the following:

Sharps waste disposal services  
as regularly as you need them. This includes free biohazard containers and red bags with each pickup and assistance from our biohazard removal specialists who will ensure waste is properly packaged for transportation.

Dental medical waste disposal  
services ensure dental biohazard waste is properly disposed of, with documentation as proof of destruction. Supplies such as biohazard containers and red bags are always provided at no charge for each pickup.

Compliance training for employees 
who come into contact with infectious materials. Our training program and OSHA-compliant bloodborne pathogens certification is hosted online so it's easy to manage and available 24/7.

Pharmaceutical disposal services 
offer an environmentally safe disposal option for over-the-counter and DEA regulated / controlled medications, so they don’t end up down the drain and in the local water stream.


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391% higher conversion rate responding within 1 minute. 25+ new patients monthly convert into new patients.

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Your client advocate will ensure you get answers to your questions and the support you need.

We work with large hospitals, small dental practices, and countless businesses 
in-between. Smaller clients may benefit from our mail-back services.

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