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Medical Waste Disposal
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Our national brand provides; protection, insurance and dedicated customer service you would expect but more importantly that you deserve.

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 We have been providing the same great protection, service and transparency since day one. This is not new to us, we haven't had a change of heart, we were born and raised on this simple concept of providing Great Service and Fair Pricing.
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Dedicated Customer Service
When you become part of the MedPro team you will get your own customer service representative and a direct line should you ever need to call them.
Simple Invoices

Our invoices are simple and easy to understand. There’s only one charge for your medical waste disposal.  At MedPro it is easy to enroll for our service.
Low Cost Medical Waste Disposal
From the type of waste containers to your customized pick-up schedule, we’ll work with you to determine what you need. By providing transparent invoices void of hidden fees and recurring price increases, you can rest assured that you will be paying the lowest cost.

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“I switched to MedPro because of the cost effective rates I was offered. My sales Rep John is always available to answer any questions and take care of any issues. I use MedPro in all four of my Urgent Care clinics and recommend their services.”
What You Need to Know.
Many practices who generate medical waste don’t realize the liability that comes with that waste.

Medical Waste, Biohazard Waste, Biomedical Waste and Sharps Waste is all the same when it comes to "Cradle to Grave" Liability. Under the law are your responsible even long after the driver has put it on his truck and driven away. Should this waste end up in waterways, at the local dump, or on a back-road... it is still your responsibility. This holds true until you have the document of destruction in your hand.  

Since you are liable, it is important to know what happens to your medical waste after it is picked up and equally important is to know how much insurance your waste disposal provider carries. Choose
a provider without proper insurance and you will be opening up your practice for potentially unlimited financial exposure.

Helpful Questions to Ask?
When choosing a  company for this service here are some helpful questions to ask.

Do you have dedicated customer service team with direct numbers you can call?

How much insurance do you carry?

When does my practice stop being responsible for the waste?

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